The project “Wake” is a dance film that serves as both a mourning and a celebration created by Rethink Dance &

Chamber Six Media. This artistic story-telling dance film was designed with a purpose to educate and bring awareness to underlying issues that have become normal in our society. The project captures an extension of the subconscious using movement and nature as the fundamental elements. The audience will experience beautiful duets between the dancers and the Earth and ultimately be inspired to lead initiatives to create positive changes in our world. 

This project fuses three different artistic mediums:
1) Digital film production 
2) Contemporary choreography and dance
3) Original music composition 

Original choreography by David Triptow will be designed to surrender to the elements and natural beauty of the dancers. There will be interaction with the camera, encouraging interplay and story development between the movement of the on-screen cast and the movement of the camera in nature. An original music composition from a musician will augment the narrative, and provide a uniting theme between the dancers and elements of nature. This footage will then be edited by Chamber 6 Media into a narrative which will be sure to represent something unattainable, ephemeral, & Dream-like while also igniting a new beginning for open dialogue to societal issues.

The project will conclude with a premiere at Rethink Dance Film Festival on October 8th. At the festival, a community discussion about the themes of the project and question and answer with the artists will take place in the venue. After the festival we plan to submit this film to dance film festivals around the world.



"There is something so magical about dancing outside, especially when you are surrounded by such passionate people. in the midst of all of the crazy events going on in the world, shooting this film allowed all of us to get creative and use the resources we had to share a piece that i think we are all able to relate to. it was overall such a positive experience and i loved being able to convey a story through dancing!” 

Kennedy Brown